Well-coordinated teamwork is the secret of a successful business. A wise manager knows that the atmosphere in the workplace predetermines the productivity of the employee’s activities. For this reason, the main objectives of the team building event are the following:

adaptation of new team members, the creation of friendships and mutual support, the eradication of envy of the success of colleagues;
staff training new skills, knowledge, technology;
developing respect for the employer and its work;
identifying hidden potential and leadership qualities.

The most popular entertainment for team building.

1. Bumper ballThis amusement game is conducted using balloons that participants wear on themselves, and they play football in this uniform. The highlight of the entertainment lies in the fact that the movements of the players are bound by inflatable armor. Opponents can interfere with the opposing team members to seize the ball. Participants jump, fall, push, and in every possible way try to take away the ball and send it straight to the opponent’s goal. The fun is very lively and fun, and not only football players, but also spectators get great pleasure from the action, so this entertainment is headed by the rating of the most popular corporate events.

2. Cheerful football

The second place in the ranking is occupied by an inflatable trampoline. Jolly Football – a giant playground represented by a playing field. Participants of the game are divided into two teams, each player fastens his belt to the sides of the trampoline and tries to catch or take the ball from the opponent and score it at the gate of the other team. The movements of the players are limited to the length of the belt and crossbar, so participants can only move left and right. The action is unusually mischievous and fun, the degree of involvement in the game is 100%.

3. Exit safe shooting gallery

The trio of fun leaders is closed by an inflatable shooting range, with the help of which employees can master the skill of archery of ancient warriors. Entertainment is completely safe, as the targets are securely surrounded by a sturdy net and the arrows cannot fly out of the field. Who is the most accurate team member? Is it possible for a girl to learn to shoot a bow? Which team will take the lead in the number of aimed shots? With this entertainment, you can get answers to all questions and diversify the team building program.

4. The path to success

Any work is associated with overcoming obstacles, so the inflatable attraction-trampoline “Path to Success” helps to identify leaders and expose the hidden talents of employees. Run-on a log – what could be easier? But this is not the case with this entertainment, because while the player is trying to reach the end of the inflatable log, foam kegs are flying at him from all sides. These soft obstacles are suspended from the top of the trampoline and, guided by the strong hands of their opponents, they turn into a weapon that knocks down less dexterous and inattentive players.

5. Team building in nature

The fifth place in the ranking of popular fun for the team took a variety of games and activities to rally the team outdoors. This services represented by a set of rides, trampolines, and activities, through which team-building participants can run to the football, archery, play a board game and have fun at other themed venues. The reason for the popularity of this service is its variety and range of interesting fun for the staff.