Corporate Team Building Activities with a Theme

According to Frank Sonnenberg, “If work isn’t fun, you’re not playing on the right team.” Companies are now investing in activities to foster employee engagement.

Corporate team building ideas are a great way to regroup and establish teamwork among its members. Events that induce laughter and excitement always leave lasting impressions. Rather than just putting random games, the trend nowadays is to create a theme. One that is fun and unique at the same time is the Running Man Theme.

A short introduction to running man

Running man is a Korean variety show that guests celebrities playing different games the entire episode, either competing individually or as a team. The games are unique, funny and wholesome great for any corporate gathering.

You need to have at least two teams to play the game. Each group will choose a representative to play for each mini-game. Each time the team wins the game, they will receive a token. At the end of the game, they can use these tokens to get a heads up for the final match.

Phase 1 – Team building Mini Games. Here are some recommended Mini-Games:

· Titanic Game
Materials Needed: One Large clear glass bowl
One small clear glass bowl
Different sizes of marbles
Put water inside the large bowl to its brim. The small bowl should stay afloat on the water. Each player will take a turn putting a marble in the small bowl. The last player who placed the marble, causing the container to sink loses.

· Pirate Roulette
Materials needed: Running Man Pirate Roulette Game
Rule: Each member will get several swords. The players will take a turn in sticking the swords inside the holes of the barrel. The last player that makes the pirate pops out after sticking the sword losses.

· Acupuncture Mat Skipping
Materials needed: Acupuncture Mat and skipping rope.
Where acupuncture mat is not available, you can use acupuncture slippers indeed.
Rule: Each player will have to skip ropes on the acupuncture mat. The one with the highest number of skips wins.

The corporate events teams will then count the tokens they collected throughout the mini-games. The winning team can then choose if they want to be the attacker or the defender of the final game.

Final Game
The final game is to find “the boss” inside the gaming area. The defender would have to find the boss within an hour to win. The attacker must stop them by all means to see the boss.

Name Tag Ripping Game
Materials needed: Velcro
Double sided tape

The Name Tag ripping game is a hide-and-seek match with a twist. Defending team members will have to hide while searching for “the boss.” Their name tags will be attached to their back. The attacking team will tie bells on their shoes while searching for the defending team. Once they locate a member from the opposing team, they need to rip off their name tag. Once ripped, they are out. If the attacking team rips off all the name tags of the opposing team, they win. However, if the defending team finds “the boss” within an hour will be announced the winner.